Sue Chamberlayne Counselling, Psychotherapy and Supervision
in Brighton & Hove

Central Brighton and Hove Counselling and Psychotherapy

It may be helpful for me to explain a bit about how I work.
I offer counselling and psychotherapy to individuals, couples and groups on both a long term and short term basis, depending on what is needed.
One of the most important factors in the effectiveness of therapy is the quality of the relationship between the therapist and client. So, I aim to provide a safe and accepting environment in which people can feel seen, heard and understood. In this kind of setting people may feel more able to explore their thoughts, feelings and the issues that feel important to them. They can then identify the changes they may want to make and move forward. I believe that talking to a person who has no vested interest in what you say or the decisions you make can be an important part of this process of change and growth .

Some of the reasons people choose to come to therapy include;

  • a sense of being caught in self-defeating patterns of behaviour
  • a general sense of dissatisfaction with life that they want to understand
  • a desire to increase self-understanding and self-awareness
  • a wish to understand and improve their relationships with others
  • a need to work on specific issues/experiences (past or present) that may be affecting their quality of life
  • physical or mental ill health (eg. depression) that is affecting their quality of life
  • a desire to live life more creatively in order to fulfill more of their potential
  • an urge for personal growth and self-development

    Below is a picture of my therapy room.

    Counselling & Therapy. Terapy room image

  • Brighton and Hove Clinical Supervision

    I offer clinical supervision to individuals or groups and am qualified to work with counsellor's/psychotherapists and also more generally with those in the helping professions.
    I take a relational and process orientated approach to supervision and believe that the supervisory relationship should be a safe and supportive one which attends to the developmental and educational needs of the supervisee and also ensures that their clients are being worked with in an ethical, safe and appropriate way.

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